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The programs of the NSSA Tampa Chapter.

All videos, slides, and supplementary materials from these programs can be found on the the resources page.

Chess Workshop Flyer

Chess Workshop

Our seventh workshop was done by Jay Wu about both basic and advanced chess topics. This was a series of five workshops followed by an online tournament, allowing each player to gain the tools to become strong chess players in their futures.

Financial Literacy Workshop Flyer

Financial Literacy Workshop

Our sixth workshop was done by Zain Nensey, CPA, MBA about the basics of financial knowledge essential to our everyday lives but often missing from most young adults getting ready to enter the world. A large number of useful and important topics were covered in great detail.

Student Athletes Workshop Flyer

Student Athletes Workshop

Our fifth workshop was done by Lauren Sklet about balancing sports with being a student, an integral part of this organization's mission and vision. This presentation detailed the variety of tips and tricks that she had to offer.

History Workshop Flyer

History Workshop

Our fourth workshop was done by Aniruth Narayanan about history as a brief introduction so that the past can guide the leaders of tomorrow. The presentation covers all of history as concisely as possible to serve as a starting point for further inquiry.

Journalism Workshop Flyer

Journalism Workshop

Our third workshop was done by Suryaveer Sankineni about journalism and photography, both of which undoubtedly play a role in leadership and expression. It was a blast and an excellent time to exercise journalistic and creative skills.

Enlighten Yourself Workshop Flyer

Enlighten Yourself Workshop

Our second workshop was done by Aniruth Narayanan helping out Mr. Andre Polite from Polite Visions and Ms. Tranette Engram speak about both leadership and entrepreneurship. The impact that we can have on our communities is astounding.

NSF PS Workshop Flyer

NorthSouth Public Speaking Workshop

Our first workshop was done by Aniruth Narayanan with North South Foundation, one of our esteemed partners, about impromptu speaking and the role it plays in leadership. We were very happy with the resulting workshop and the participants during their NorthSouth contest.

Want to Do A Workshop?

If you want to do a workshop in an area of your expertise, please contact us.