Our nonprofit relies on the hard work of our team, working tirelessly to bring fresh content and big ideas to our organization.

Our team is comprised of two parts: an executive team of college students and chapter officer teams of high school students.
Below is our executive team; chapter officers get their own designated section within their respective chapter page.

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Aniruth Narayanan
Chief Executive Officer | Founder

Aniruth Narayanan is a freshman at UC Berkeley's Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology program. In his free time, he likes watching Netflix, YouTube, and playing chess. More information about him can be found on his personal website


Suryaveer Sankineni
Chief Financial Officer | Founder

Suryaveer Sankineni is a freshman at Nova Southeastern University. He enjoys photography and journalism and is the editor-in-chief of KHS Scepter. In his free time, he likes playing ranked League matches and exploring technology.


Huzefa Johar
Chief Operations Officer

Huzefa Johar is a freshman at the University of South Florida. He has many interests in the financial sector including stocks, business management, wealth management, etc. In his free time, he enjoys building websites and coding.


Rehan Contractor
Chief Media Officer

Rehan Contractor is a freshman at Nova Southeastern University. He is an avid filmmaker and photographer. Throughout most of of high school, Rehan competed at state and national competitions with recognition for his work. He has done free-lance photography and videography for events, businesses, and political candidates.


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Chief of Public Operations

If you're interested in being the chief of public operations here at NSSA, click here to apply.

Zain Nensey, CPA, MBA

Bio Soon to Come

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